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Unreview: Trickster's Girl, by Hilari Bell

This is not a book review. I was not able to finish the book or even get farther than three chapters. This is because Trickster’s Girl is kind of awful. It is a “gee, why don’t I write a fantasy with a completely random non-specific hodge-podge of Native American mythology and then completely disrespect it via my heroine!” kind of book. It is a “why don’t I glom together a bunch of Native American belief systems then randomly throw in new agey ley lines!” kind of book. It is a “I have never heard of The Tough Guide to Fantasyland and therefore do not realize how badly I needed it!” kind of book.

Of course, I had my general misgivings just from the summary, which involves "the mythological creature Raven" wanting the female protagonist to help him avert some kind of ecological disaster.