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L.J. Lee ([personal profile] ljlee) wrote in [community profile] books2015-09-07 11:55 pm

The Poppet and the Lune Audiobook Review

the poppet and the lune coverI listened to the complementary review audiobook copy of The Poppet and the Lune (2011) by Madeleine Claire Franklin, narrated by Elizabeth Basalto (2014). The review copy was kindly provided by Lisa ( [personal profile] jeweledeyes ) in a post to this community last year. It took me a while, but here is my review.

A novel in the style of a fairy tale, Poppet has a lot of fantastic elements like witches, werewolves, a patchwork girl, and many different kinds of magic. The book uses these elements to entertaining effect, with original adaptations of old standbys like the boy who cried wolf and gripping plot reversals. The world depicted in the book was charming and colorful, but also dark and mature in places. Ultimately, though, I thought the story undermined its own potentially compelling emotional core and was less powerful than it could have been.

As for the narration, Lisa said this was her sister's first audiobook narration and it showed. Ms. Basalto's voice is nice and the delivery earnest, but I noticed some technical flaws and tics that I don't see with more experienced narrators. Still, I thought the voice and story were a good match, and wish Ms. Basalto well in her narration career.

For a longer and more detailed review with story details including spoilers, see my journal entry.