My sister works as a narrator for She just finished her first audiobook, The Poppet and the Lune, by Madeline Claire Franklin, and ACX gave her 25 free download credits to give to book reviewers. She doesn't really know any reviewers and didn't know where to start, so I wanted to ask here and see if there are any bloggers who might be interested in a free copy of the audiobook for review? Or any recommendations of bloggers who might be interested?

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New books from Meg Cabot

  • May. 2nd, 2014 at 8:08 PM
If any of you are fans of Meg Cabot's books, she posted a huge announcement today: both The Princess Diaries series and The Mediator series (both YA) are getting adult spin-off series, with the first installments of each being published next year. The Princess Diaries is also getting a middle-grade spin-off: From the Notebooks of a Middle-School Princess.

The Mediator spin-off follows protagonist Suze Simon starting her first job after graduating college, and solving an ancient murder with her now-fiancé Dr. Jesse de Silva. (*fangirl shrieks*) Oh, and Paul Slater is going to be in it, too. (*fangirl boos and hisses*)

Both Princess Diaries spin-offs tie into each other: the adult book, Royal Wedding, follows Princess Mia Thermopolis as she plans her wedding to Michael Moscovitz and discovers she has a long-lost half-sister. The middle-grade series is told from this sister's perspective. It's also worth nothing that Mia's half-sister is biracial! It will be interesting to see how that's explored.

Any fans of these series? What do you think about these series getting spin-offs? I knew a seventh Mediator book was on the way because she mentioned it at a book signing I attended a couple of years ago, but I definitely wasn't expecting an adult series*! The Princess Diaries was also a huge shock. She definitely kept those updates under her hat!

*I am infinitely pleased about this—when the books first came out, I was the "same age" as Suze. It's exciting to see that Suze and Jesse have essentially grown up with me XD

Anyway, if anyone's interested, I'll be posting updates about the new Mediator book(s)—cover, publication dates, etc.—as well as the upcoming TV series over at [community profile] mediatorfans :-)

Book Review: In a Fix by Linda Grimes

  • Sep. 24th, 2013 at 9:22 AM
This review is going to be extremely unfair because I read In a Fix shortly after reading and reviewing Seanan McGuire’s Midnight Blue-Light Special.
The premise of In a Fix is that there are people called “aura adaptors” who have the ability to “borrow auras” from other people and somehow acquire their physiological characteristics. How something presumably non-physical can affect someone’s physical appearance is not adequately explained. The author hand-waves any explanation by having the heroine scoff at the idea of molecular-level shapeshifting, then a few chapters later has the heroine acquire the physical characteristics--including size--of a small child so that she can escape a pair of handcuffs. (No, I am not sure how that works.) 
Our heroine uses her ability to impersonate people to “facilitate” certain meetings that her client does not want to or cannot make in person.

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Fate’s Edge involves Kaldar Mar, cousin of the heroine of Bayou Moon, several characters from On the Edge and a new heroine. Audrey Callahan a former thief who is attempting to make a better life for herself in the “Broken.” Her hopes of staying on the straight and narrow are shattered when her con artist father talks her into stealing a powerful magical item in the Weird. The money from selling the item is supposed to go into getting her drug addict brother into an expensive private rehabilitation center. Against all common sense and despite having very valid reasons not to, Audrey agrees to help her father steal the magical item in exchange for the family leaving her alone forever.

This leads to the secret services of three countries in the Weird trying to get their hands on the magical item.

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In Second Grave on the Left, Our Heroine Charley continues to search for Reyes while trying to solve a missing person case complicated by a string of murders. (Reyes does not want to be found, Charley does not care.) There is also a lot of family drama, multiple threats to Charley, and a ghost in the trunk of her best friend’s car. If that wasn’t enough, something is also going on with Charley’s father, something involving a criminal who blames him for a personal tragedy.

A lot of things happen in this novel, but very little is revealed by the end of it.